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Location: Cargobar Basel → more info

Exhibition Host: Claude Gacon → more


About the West by East Reception

The event celebrates a partnership between two leading houses for technology in China and Switzerland on a scientific, educational and artistic level. It also patronizes cooperation on a cultural-political level with the Sister Cities partnership between Basel and Shanghai. All in all, the program of events invites guests to experience such collaboration through sharing as a group a wider range of offerings that fall categorically neither in the West nor in the East but can be found somewhere in between by simply tuning in intellectually and culturally along. The programm includes music, artworks and an apero that takes on the character of cultural exchange.

Cross Culture Apero

Digital Drink Book, Cargobar Basel

„In Shanghai on 19 November 2007, Basel’s Governing Council member Carlo Conti and Deputy Mayor Tengjie TANG signed the city twinning agreement between Basel and Shanghai. The two cities are keen to promote reciprocal exchange and co-operation in various fields of business, science and culture. To honor the occasion and to demonstrate how culture is best at integration, the renowned Cargobar of Basel, Switzerland has dreamed up a collection of contemporary punch recipes especially for the occasion. All of the drink recipes are based around the idea of cross culture and cooperation and will be presented and served as drinkable "artworks" for all to enjoy. The main ingredients are a mix of products from both Switzerland and China. Some even specific to the cities of Basel and Shanghai.

Tango Crash

Tangocrash, Daniel Almada (CHE), Martin Iannaccone (ARG)

This duo are the founders of the Tangocrash, who released their first cd in 2003 and since then continually appear internationally in various formations. Through more than five years of playing in cities throughout Europe and South America, they re-coined the term "Electrotango” and can call it their own. Their newest release under the title “Bailá Querida” shows their particular brand of the electrotango movement. Here, Tango Crash presents a new sound that still maintains the roots and style of Tango tradition, but reshapes it with new ways to approach it using electronic music. It has a nervy feel of jazz and the dark colors of the Tango and the deft use of electronics and samples is the extra twist that makes this project a very special view of the new Argentine music.

Echoes of Shanghai

Art Clay (USA)
Location: Cargobar → more info

As a child, I thought if I dug a tunnel through the earth at which I was standing, I would simply pop up in China, because it was on the other side. Fascinated with sound, I thought of a more practical solution: If I put my ear to the ground, I would hear the Chinese talking. Experimenting, I believed it to be true, but instead of Chairman Moa giving speeches, it was my downstairs neighbor’s television. Sound is made up of waves that radiate into infinity and it does not really matter whether one can hear the Chinese or not, because we can imagine that one can hear a very small percent of what they are talking about and discover the world of hidden sounds while doing so. Using “Listening Sticks” that act as acoustic aids, the installation “Echoes of Shanghai” lets one discover the “other side of things”: The wonderful world of daily life in Shanghai streets and how it is so portrayed in sound, even if it might be just a faint echo of it all: The taxi drivers honking, the bicycle peddlers ringing their bells, fake market people, and the endless sounds of all those people talking, shouting and singing.


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