Prize on PlayTime Project

Prize on DAW Event in Shanghai, China

The PlayTime Exhibition consisted of an exhibtion of technology based projects that focused on creating public understanding in areas of computer science research, Outside of the five projects that were exhibted in the Pudong Expo, China Gates, a satillite based public sound art piece by Art Clay, was performed as part of the exhibition. The event provided a fertile ground for international networking on both the culutral, politcal and scientific levels and brought Swiss cultural and technology to China in a blend of culutral exchange in reagard to tradtion and innovation.

The exhibition was crowned with a prize for „Innovation in Science & Art“ awarded by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. The members of the PlayTime Project team consisted of the following artists and scientists:

Art Clay, Artistic Director & Project Managment
Jürg Gutknecht, ETH Chair, D-INF Projects

Michael Berdorf, Solid Air Project Leader
Art Clay, China Gates, Project Leader
Martina Eberle, NOVA Projekt Leader
Antoine Thomas-Gérard, 3d Film Project Leader
LIU Ling, Drawing Code Project Leader
Dennis Majoe, Tai Chi Project Leader
Sven Stauber, Panorama Project Leader

Beatrix Boillat, PR/Event Manager, swissnex shanghai
Ruth Hidalgo, Administration, Zurich
MA Li, Administration, Shanghai
Hanni Sommer, Administration Zuich
Renate Scheider u.a. , Financial Management Shanghai
Philipp Bönhof, Programming, Panorama Project
Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan, Programming, Drawing Code Project
Matthias Schrag, Programming China Gates Project
Lars Vaupel, Drawing Spiders

Daniel Almada, Tangocrash Concert
Stefan Müller Arisona, EPI Performance
Erratum Ensemble Shanghai, China Gates Performance
Steve Gibson, EPI Performance
Martin Iannaccone, Tangocrash Concert
Aleve Mine, Set of Songs Performance

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January 20, 2009, at 11:08 AM