Primary Support

SAST (Shanghai S&T Associati)
Presence Switzerland
→ www.presence.ch
swissnex shanghai
Pro Helvetia
→ www.prohelvetia.ch
ETH Zurich
→ www.ethz.ch

Additional Support   

ETH Zurich, Computer Systems Institute (Native Systems Group)
→ www.jg.inf.ethz.ch
Zendai MoMa Shanghai
→ www.zendaiart.com
Migros Kulturprozent, Zurich, Switzerland
→ www.kulturprozent.ch
City-Martketing Basel
Cargobar, Basel, Switzerland
→ www.cargobar.ch
The Shelter, Shanghai China
→ www.theshelter.com

Research Partners

Digital Art Network, Zurich Switzerland
→ www.digitalartweeks.ethz.ch
Corebounce Association, Zürich and Lucerne, Switzerland
→ www.corebounce.org
Interactive Futures, Victoria, BC, Canada
→ cfisrv.finearts.uvic.ca/interactivefutures/IF07
Faust Kunsthalle Hannover, Hannover, Germany
→ www.fausev.de

Media Partners

That's Shanghai
→ www.urbanatomy.com/ ch-arts, Swiss Platform for Contemporary Arts
→ www.ch-arts.net

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