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Location: Science Hall → more info

Reception date: Wednesday, of May

About the East by West Reception

The Reception as an event is a multifaceted event hosted by SAST and ETH Zurich. The event celebrates a partnership between two leading houses for technology in China and Switzerland on a scientific, educational and artistic level. It also patronizes cooperation on a cultural-political level with the Sister Cities partnership between Basle and Shanghai. All in all, the program of events invites guests to experience such cooperation through sharing as a group a wider range of offerings that fall categorically neither in the East nor in the West but can be found somewhere in between by simply tuning in intellectually and culturally with the events.


18:00-18:30Welcome & "Cross Culture Apero", Cargobar Basel (CHE)
18:00-18:30Performance "Am Laufenden Band (Basler Version)", Arthur Clay (CHE), Li Yayu, Solo flute (CHN)

Talk Events

18:30-19:15Speech given by Prof. Yu Tao, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology
18:30-19:15Speech given by Prof. Jurg Gutknecht, Chair Computer Science Department, ETH Zurich
19:30-19:15Speech given by Dr. Hans Peter Hertig, Director of Swissnex Shanghai, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai

Entertainment Events

19:15-20:00Performance "Tango Crash", Daniel Almada, keys (CHE) Martin Iannaccone, Percussion (ARG)
19:15-20:00Performance "A Set of Songs", Alève Mine, voice (CHE) Daniel Almada, keys (CHE)
20:00-20:45Performance "Exploding Plastic & Inevitable", Stefan Müller (CHE), Steve Gibson (CAN) & Others (INT)

Programme Notes

Cross Culture Apero

Cargobar Basel (CHE)

„In Shanghai on 19 November 2007, Basel’s Governing Council member Carlo Conti and Deputy Mayor Tengjie TANG signed the city twinning agreement between Basel and Shanghai. The two cities are keen to promote reciprocal exchange and co-operation in various fields of business, science and culture. To honor the occasion, the renowned Cargobar of Basel, Switzerland has dreamed up a collection of contemporary punch recipes especially for the occasion. They are based around the idea of cross culture and cooperation and wlll be presented and served as drinkable "artworks" for all to enjoy. The featured punch recipes for the reception can be downloaded in the form of a "" authored by Swiss Artist and Cargobar owner , Claude Gacon at the link below. Load it down and enjoy some the artistic charm that cultural cooperation have to offer!

download recipe "Lemon Fish Punch (GrossBasel Version)" (English) → PDF
download recipe "Lemon Fish Punch (Klein Basel Version)" (English) → PDF
download recipe "Lemon Fish Punch (GrossBasel Version)" (Mandarin) → PDF
download recipe "Lemon Fish Punch (Klein Basel Version)" (Mandarin) → PDF

Gutzli Music (Am Laufenden Band)

Art Clay (CHE) & Li Yayu (CHN)

The work is scored for solo flute, a set of music stands lit by pult lights. The music stands form a kind of factory belt around which the performer makes his way. The melodies of the work are all based on “Gutzistecker” (cookie cutters) specific to Basel and Swiss culture in general. These include the Swiss Cross, the Baslerstab and other Gutzistecker specific to Basel’s traditional baking. Together, the melodies form sets of variations that in form parallel the experience of backing cookies. When one of the variation sets ends there is a pause before the next one begins so that with each step around the the stands, a new combination of melodies is heard. The final measures end the work with an “aroma melody” with wind like tone colors to extend to the instruments highest. Register.

A Set of Songs

Alève Mine (CHE), Voice; Daniel Almada (CHE), Keys

Alève Mine has referred to her song writing in the various languages of the world as a discovery that leads her back to her roots and into the sensuality of multiculturality: “It is not easy writing songs in Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and other languages, but using new phonemes, structures and points of view is highly palatable and an intense pleasure.” Her act consists of a set of songs that figuratively make “the world go around”. Not only does one hear the life of the artist, but also the voices of the people in the multicultural environment we all now live in coming together in the songs.

Tango Crash

Daniel Almada (CHE), Keys & Electronics & Martin Iannaccone (ARG), Percussion

The duo Almada/Iannaccone founders of Tango Crash released their first cd in 2003. Since then they have appeared internationally in various formations. After more than 5 years playing in different cities in Europe and South America, Tango Crash has recoined the term "Electrotango”. Their newest release under the title “Bailá Querida” shows a particular view of the “Electrotango”movement. Tango Crash presents a new sound, maintaining the roots and style but always exploring new ways to approach Tango & electronic music. They have a nervy feel of jazz and the dark colors of the Tango Music. The deft use of electronics and samples is the extra touch that makes this Project a very special view of the new Argentine music.

Exploding Plastic & Inevitable (Multimedia ala Warhol)

Scheinwerfer (CHE) & Steve Gibson (CAN) & Other (INT)

The Swiss VJ group Scheinwerfer Scheinwerfer has been creating visual experiences at various electronic music and club events since 2001. Their live-composited and sound-driven visuals are designed to emphasise the theme of the event as well as taking into account the architectural framework of the performance space. Not coincidentally, Singapore's Centro Club has labelled us as "Club Scientists": Also, their performances are deeply influenced by the momentary state of their innovative "Soundium" software platform, which makes the impossible in interactive visuals possible. They are being joined by the famed Canadian Keyboardists and Laptoper Steve Gibson, who they have been working with since 2006.

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