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- beyond the welcoming effect

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 8 October, 16:00 - 19:00
Exhibition Dates: Thursday 9 October to Monday 8 December, 10:00 - 18:00

About the Project

The idea behind the Pop Up Space is to create a unique atmosphere for art gaming. The games offer more of an aesthetic experience than standard games might and the achieved atmosphere is both modern and inviting. It accomplishes this welcoming effect by drawing on the urban design feeling of FREITAG bags. Custom designed lights extend the urban feeling of FREITAG bags into the area of lighting, echoing and expanding the feeling of the everyday bringing a certain comfort through the element of the familiar. Enclosing the installation with video screens in order to frame the space in, provides a certain sense of retreat while also providing screens to be used with a more elaborate urban gaming environment, which projected on four-sided screen setup.


The Curious Minded (CHE)
The guiding principle of the international arts group Curious Minded is simply to remain healthy and curious. Since their founding in 2010, Curious Mind has expanded with a “no-names-needed” approach with members residing in Berlin, Montreal, Warsaw, Zurich, and Seoul. The group has produced a diverse number of art objects in the form of witty games, viewing cards, bedtime stories, and a variety of easy music works. Several works are now available for purchase at museum stores. Because their work lies outside of the periphery of the art market and created to be “played”, the group often avoids the beaten path and focuses on new approaches for exhibiting. Curious Minds has exhibited in museums and galleries in North America, Asia and Europe. Heehyun Choi(KOR)

Heehyun Choi (KOR)

Studies at Sogang University as an undergraduate in the newly formed Art & Technology Department. Her interests include music, dance and interactive arts and she has participated in number of project in those areas. She is an amateur pianist and violinist. She has brought her talents to the Pop Up Gaming Space as an assistant to the designers of the space.

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