– words that make musical sense

Roland Dahinden, Trombone & Object Trouvee
Hildegard Kleeb, Piano & Object Trouvee

Date: 12th May, 2pm to 3pm

About the Event

The twentieth century was a time of experimentation where new forms of music notational flourished due to the birth of electronic music and the need to notate it for realization and performance. Out these experiments came text compositions that were read like a book rather than a score, and where the “story” told was painted in sound and not in spoken words. Early works such as Lamont Young’s Composition 1960 No. 10, 'Draw a straight line and follow it', or Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Sieben Tagen”, or Alvin Lucier’s “I am Siting in a Room” question the nature and definition of music and often stress elements of performance art and literature, showing a clear symbiosis with other arts. The evening will feature a number of premieres form young Singaporean Composers and the best piece developed in the “verbal music workshop” will premiere in the concert by star performers.


Esplanade, Open Stage → more info

THe Word Music Program

Mirror Piece No.2 (1966), Mieko Shiomi (JPN)

Music for Piano with One or More Snare Drums (1992), Alvin Lucier (CHE)

lichthell, (2013), Roland Dahinden (CHE)

(Singapore) Memory Space (1970), Alvin Lucier (USA)

Wind shadows for solo trombone with closely tuned pure wave oscillators (1994), Alvin Lucier (USA)

Boundary Music (1963), Mieko Shiomi (JPN)

Simple Forms/Complex People (1991), Art Clay (USA/CHE)

Opera with objects (1997), Alvin Lucier (USA)

Nothing is real for piano, amplified teapot, tape recorder and miniature sound system (1990), Alvin Lucier (USA)

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