- Ringing in a new era in comprehensive communication

Monday 6th May to 19 May 2013


The term “WIKIOSK” is a portmanteau constructed from the word “wiki” and the word “kiosk”. A typical WIKIOSK is a basically a coded window sticker that acts as an electronic library, which in combination with a mobile phone application lets the user view a variety of media including animation clips, 2d and 3d images, audio tracks, short infomercials, and a wide range of information including documentary texts, commercial adds, event announcements and more.

The concept of a “WIKIOSK” is based on the idea of the “Permulative Poster”, which was an invention of Christian Chruxin, who, inspired by visual poetry, created a new concept in poster presentation. Historically, a Permulative Poster is a set of conceptually interconnecting posters strategically positioned in space. Akin to visual poetry, the Permulative Poster uses visual arrangements of text and images to convey intended content.

Given contemporary techniques key to genres such as Sound Art and Op-Art combined with the use of mobile communication devices, a new era of comprehensive communication in graphic design is made possible with the WIKIOSK.

QR Code marking not only includes the well-known use of providing a web link to linked information content, but can also be used to link geo-tagged virtual media that embellishes and augments the printed graphic elements on the poster itself. So, for viewers equipped with mobile devices capable of reading QR codes, innovations are brought into play when a wide variety of interactive effects are used in combination with the graphic elements of a WIKIOSK design.

→ see an example of a WIKIOSK Poster Design

A series of WIKIOSK posters will be employed to create DAW’s "Arts & Science Window Kiosk". Produced as a full-sized window sticker on view at the locations of select DAW partners through out the city, each WIKIOSK will store a collection of short films and animations, key lectures, exhibition content and information on all DAW festival events consumable per QR Code reader applications on any mobile phone.

Window Front Venues:

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