The Performed Image


- exploring motionless in moving images

Part I: "SCREENED" Wednesday 8th May 2013

About Part I

This is a series of short films and animations in loop that deal with the presentation of the "performed image", meaning that a static image, such as a photo or video still, is used as a type of requisite and is performed via the actions of the actors within the context of the animation. The image is performed released from its static boundaries and there by takes on a new and active roll as an animation that is central to the animation. The films selection has been curated by the British Film Maker Peter Richardson. The program will contain a number of world and national premiers at the screening.

Participating Artists

Peter Richardson (GBR)
Reid and Roger (GBR)
Wendy McMurdo (GBR)
Colin Andrew (GBR)
Rachel Maclean (GBR)
Rory Middleton (GBR)


Singapore Polytechnic → more info

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Part II: "LIVE" Thursday 16th May 2013, 12:00

About Part II

CMiss Donnithorne Maggot is an avant-garde chamber opera by the British composer Peter Maxwell Davies about a Miss Donnithorne, who was an Australian lady, apparently one of the models for Miss Havisham in Dickens's Great Expectations; jilted at the last minute, she became a recluse, and the piece discovers her ranting among the remnants of her wedding cake, which is decorated with instrumentalists. Like Davies' “Eight Songs for a Mad King”, Miss Donnithorne has eight songs and as in the earlier work, the solo part is a tour de force of vocal effects, requiring a large range, though Miss Donnithorne is generally more songful in her madness than the Mad King. The temperature of the ensemble music is cool and controlled, and perhaps more lady-like, but with the expectant wild brilliance of a Davies work. The performance will be led by the British composer Howard Burrell and will feature the voice of the mezzo-soprano Alison Wells.

Participating Artists

Howard Burell & Ensemble (GBR)


Value Lab Asia, Future Cities Laboratory → more info

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