- a day for nurturing a cultural of sustainability in the arts and sciences

Event Dates: Saturday 11th May 2013, 10:00 - 18:30

Venue: ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands → more info


According to leading world figures, sustainability constitutes a political postulate and although a definition of sustainability has been attempted time and again, there is no definitive version and their is no true understanding of how to obtain sustainability. The situation is comparable to the early stages of human rights movement and in order to be able to obtain a better understanding of what sustainability means and to ultimately arrive at a clearer concept of it, it is of the utmost importance to pursue alternative approaches in order to encircle the postulate and to observe where sustainability is actually being violated.

In the form of a one day event, The Sustain-Ability project picks up on such a pursuit and calls out for alternative approaches to sustainability, which will support efforts to obtain a better understanding of what sustainability is and how it can be practically applied to such issues as the reconciliation of environmental, establishing social equity, regulating economic demands, and above all how a "culture of sustainability" can be brought about that will insure the implementation of such a postulate.

The day will be the host to international speakers and discussion panels each approach the concept of a culture of sustainability using perspectives from both the sciences and the arts. Select artworks will place focus on the importance of cultural contribution. Through networking sessions the collaborative process between participants and audience will be nurtured, and results will nurture the day's goal of defining and understanding what sustainability is and how a culture of sustainability can be brought about.

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