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The Innovations Playground is about sharing your passion and enthusiasm and not about selling or promoting any business or institution. Your talk must fit into the 20X20 FORMAT (that is 20 slides X 20 seconds per slide). This means that 20 of your slides are shown. Each slide is on an automatic timer and is shown for 20 seconds then automatically phases into the next slide. This way you will speak for 6 minutes 40 seconds in total. If it exceeds this, you will be cut short. There is no Q&A. People will approach you at interval and after the event. If you are going to do a dance, recite a poem or just do what you do best, make sure it fits into the 6 minute 40 second format.

A Few Tips:

  • Keep your slides simple. Pictures or graphics work best. Too much text is a not a good idea.
  • We show single slides, no effects or animations. A slide comes on. 20 seconds later, it goes off.
  • Practice at home. You wont believe how quick (or how long) 20 seconds is.
  • Animations are usually problematic. Don’t use them unless need be.
  • Sound can be problematic. Sound cannot be applied to multiple slides.
  • Use high-resolution pictures if possible. Pictures taken off the internet do not project well.
  • Your presentation should be supplied to us in MS PowerPoint
  • Widescreen format is not accepted.
  • The images should be at least 300 dpi with dimensions of 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high.
  • Slides should be numbered 00 to19 and labeled 00_MyTitle_NAME
  • All images should be landscape (wide) as opposed to portrait (tall).
  • Label the presentation with the title and the name of the presentation: “MyTitle_JOEJONES”.
  • Your final 20 slide presentation must be with us NO LATER THAN 10 DAYS WEEKS before the event.
  • Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions. 

Stefan Müller Arizona / Arthur Clay

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