20 by20 Show

Open Call

Innovation Playground 20by20 Presentations

9 May 2013, Innovations Forum, Singapore-ETH Centre


Under the title "Innovation Playground" selected presenters will be able to present their work as part of a “20by20 Show”, where people share passion, idea meets idea, and new knowledge sparks in setting that embraces a trans-disciplinary approach. Approximately twenty presentations are in planning and any area of research or discipline from the science, the arts (fine and applied), as well as those in the area of socio-cultural topics.

The 20by20 presentation are part of DAWs Innovation Forum, which is conceived to nurture collaboration between the arts and the sciences and as a platform that capable creating a greater cohesion between participating entities in an innovative manner using bottom up strategies to informally bridge disciplines both related and not related.


Any person who has a passion about something and is interested in presenting to like-minded and engaged high-power public is welcome to submit. The request for participation can be submitted by clicking on the "Pre-Registration" link below.

The submit a request you will need the following information:

  • Title of the Presentation
  • Short synopsis about the presentation content
  • Short biographical statement on "Who I am"

Please note:

Selected presenters will be required to submit a total of 20 slides to be used for a 6’40’’ (i.e. 20 seconds / slide) "Innovations Playground" presentation. Slides should be in landscape format and be 1920x1080 resolution for best results on the Value Lab's video wall.

Pre-Registration Form

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20by20 Guidlines

Click here for 20by20 Guidelines'


For more information, please feel free to contact us at the following email address below.


Presentation Venue:

Value Lab Asia
Singapore-ETH Centre
Future Cities Laboratory
#06-01 CREATE Tower
Singapore 138602


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