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Massage Sonar

'a workshop in which massage sonar is taught and shared'

Saturday, October 29, 11:30
Tuesday, November 1, 11:30
Wednesday, November 2, 11:30
Monika Rut & Arthur Clay, Sound Massage Artists

Sound Massage, Sound Art, Audio Performance

What is Massage Sonar? Massage Sonar is a type of sound massage for the ears. Only sound is used and the the massage remains free of body contact, but sinks into the body as sound. The experience can entertain, fascinate as well as deeply relax or animate the person receiving the sound massage. A wide range of sounds is created from an odd collection of objects that produce a rich and exotic palette for the ear, which takes the listener to new lands.

Both Massage Sonare artists will hold short sessions for a single person or a pair through out the day. Each of the sessions lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and each sessions is unique in its orchestration and each is created anew in order to match the *sound character" of the individual or the "sound dymanic" between the pair receiving the sound massage.

Workshop Goals
The goals of the workshop are to sensitise participants to the use of sound, create a collection of massage instruments, and to gain the ability to practice basic sound massage.

Target Audience
The workshop is open to all who are interested in sound, music thearpy, performnance, and exprimenting with sound in general. No specialized knowledge is required, only a willingness to participate, engage and discover.

Presenter Bios
The artist and curator Art Clay was born in New York and lives in Basel, Switzerland. He is a specialist in the performance of self created works with the use of intermedia and has appeared at international festivals, on radio and television in Europe, Asia & north America. His recent work focuses on media based compositions and large performative works and spectacles using mobile device. He has won prizes for performance, theatre, new media art and curation. He has taught media and interactive arts at various Art Schools and Universities in Europe and North America including the University of the Arts in Zurich. He is the initiator and Artistic Director of the 'Digital Art Weeks' International and is an initiator for creative collaboration and scientific contingency on the ETH Zurich.

Monika Rut is a cultural researcher and a photographer. She holds a Bachelor in Political Sciences with focus on Economics and a Masters in Management of Arts and Culture from University of Bologna and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Since completing her studies, she has worked with a number of international organizations including: Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Museum Moderator Berlin, Culturia Artists in Residences, Berlinerpool, European Culture Foundation, Academia Vitae, Erasmus University, Center for Audience Development Berlin. At present, she works for ABADIR (Arts Between Architecture Design & Interdisciplinary Research) and is a founding member of Landform.

The Wayward School Does Not Compute @ OFF LABEL

Binding Practices

Binding thought and meditative art practices in book form

Friday, October 28, 14:00 (Admission with Festival Pass or $10 at door)

Heather Cosidetto, Co-Director of the Wayward School. BFA, Integrated Media, Emily Carr; MA Culture, Science and Technology, Goldsmiths University.

Does one write to remember or does one write to forget? (Or, does one write to exceed the bounds of one self, creating a multiple?) The technology of the journal, catches our scribbles, helps us work out ideas, helps us remember things we're afraid to forget, but also puts things out of our mind so that we don't have to think about them anymore. The journalled self is realized in real-time and effaced in each subsequent entry by yet another incarnation of the self. Scribal labor is a meditative practice, be it spiritual mandala or personal journal, disciplinary measure or rote memorization. Writing is a machine in which logos works through us.
For this workshop, we will engage in a set of lateral processes (mandalas, automatic writing, bookbinding) to create one of a kind artist books. The nonlinear structure of the created books will serve to scramble our meanings and markings—simple machines with a higher purpose.

Presenter Biography
Heather Cosidetto (embed link to:


Dreaming with the Zeitgeber

Lecture on moderns and their night, followed by workshop on dreamtime exploration.

Friday, October 28, 16:00 (Admission with Festival Pass or $10 at door)
Stefan Morales, Co-Director of the Wayward School. Ba, Political Studies, UVic; MA Political Studies, Acadia.
How awake are we during the day, and more importantly how asleep are we during the night? What are the implications of having become delinked from the zeitgeber (“time giver”) of terrestrial day and night through the invention and proliferation of electric light? This lecture and workshop will explore the division between industrial and pre-industrial times—not by underscoring the importance of the factory or the steam engine but by taking an object lesson from the light bulb—elaborating on the bio-physio-political influences that electric light has had on our night and daytime experience. We will workshop on the why and how of dreamtime exploration within a field of practice tightly circumscribed by everyday electric light—seeking to begin elaborating the outlines of a sleep practice geared towards realigning secular individualism with the unchanging zeitgeber as a lost cue to quasi-religious experiences. Following the first lecture, participants will be enrolled in three subsequent dream recording workshops that they will be encouraged to attend in person, or online through google+ group chat.

Presenter Biography
Stefan Morales (embed link to:


Dreamshare Discussion Group

Dreaming with the Zeitgeber follow-up workshop series

Monday, October, 31, 09:00
Tuesday, November 1, 09:00\\ Wednesday November 2, 09:00
(Admission with Festival pass, and Participants of 'Dreaming with the Zeitgeber' workshop)

Stefan Morales, Co-Director of the Wayward School
Ba, Political Studies, UVic; MA Political Studies, Acadia
Description Participants will share dream experiences from the night(s) prior to workshop. The group will share strategies for becoming lucid, and discuss dream journalling, engaging in an open discussion of themes, concepts, images, sensations, plots, and so on.
**Prerequisite: “Dreaming with the Zeitgeber” lecture and workshop on Friday, Oct 28th 4pm.


Art of a Placebo skillshare and open house

Saturday, October 29, 14:00 (Admission with Festival Pass or $10 at door)
Description Think, make and do with The Wayward School! Tour the Art of a Placebo exhibition and get creative with the artists at Open Space for this open house and creative skillshare. Learn how to make simple machines such as thaumatropes, perpetual calendars and mobiles. Collaboratively contribute to a pixellated collage mural or take a turn helping us weave a gigantic god's eye. Construct your own handmade real-time/real-space avatar. All ages and skill levels welcome.


Theology on Tap

Topic: The Roots of Addiction in a Free Market Society
Monday, October 31st 4:00 – 6:00 pm (Admission with Festival Pass or $10 at door)

Jessica and Matthew Cook
In this open-end forum Matthew and Jessica will present some of the main points that Bruce Alexander outlines in his book The Globalization of Addiction: A Study in the Poverty of the Spirit. Alexander argues that a free-market society creates “dislocation,” an uprooting of individuals from their culture and hence the cultural narratives that give their lives meaning. Without this meaning individuals are left with a significant void in their lives that leaves them open to addiction. Alexander uses many examples ranging from St. Augustine during the collapse of the Roman Empire, to the lives of indigenous peoples in Vancouver's downtown East Side.
Presenter Bios Jessica has her BA in Art History, and is currently enrolled at the Vancouver Island School of Art. She is the Graduate Minister at St. Barnabas Anglican church and leads a bi-monthly discussion group, Theology on Tap.
Matthew Cook has a degree in Philosophy from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is employed at the Salvation Army’s Addictions and Recovery Centre at the bottom of Johnson St.

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