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Last update: October 13, 2011, at 04:14 AM

UN-CONFERENCE: Tangible Spiritualties & Untangible Physicalities

Taking an New Approach to the TRANSDISCIPLINARY Conference

Location: Diverse Venues → more info

Un-Conference Times: Wednesday, 26 October to Wednesday, 02 November, 2011

About the Un-Conference

OFF LABEL Un-Conference is an invitation and a challenge -- what happens to questions of art, technology and spirituality when we begin to peel the labels off -- when we begin to remix the codes of remix itself, living -- or attempting to live -- the imaginary versions of the story as it might otherwise proceed. This is a forum where the suspension of disbelief meets the science of placebo-induced effect -- a world where the feedback loop of technology can merge seamlessly with artistic dreams and spiritual desires because each was always already a strange but compelling fusion of the real and the imagined.

The Un-Conference takes an OFF LABEL approach and abandons conventional canons of content, presentation and interaction in order to integrate itself with the lived cultural, ideological and spiritual particularities of our times. With participants from many disciplines, representing a wide range of original perspectives, OFF LABEL emphasizes knowledge, creativity and practice for the ways they are integrated, remixed and reinvented by scholarly, artistic and scientific communities. "

OFF LABEL Ideologies more
In this spirit, OFF LABEL has invited established experts and innovators in the fields of technology, culture, religion and ideology to share their insights on OFF LABEL practices in the context of the festival -- a series of keynote lectures that will both launch and conclude the festival. Selected for the creative ways they re-imagine the digital present and future, these talks promise to both challenge the boundaries of critical thinking and provide insights on alternative methods for engaging the technological present.

Host Institute:
Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria

Host Contact Person:
Paul Bramadat

Universtiy of Victoria, BC, Harry Hickman Building → more info
Open Space → more info
Wednesday, 26 October to Wednesday, 2 November, 2011

Nine Levels of Conversation more
Nine Levels of Conversation is a structured forum for informal discussion related to the OFF LABEL festival -- bringing community interest and expertise to the dialogue in an attempt to integrate and expand possibilities for collaboration and conversation. Each Lunch Box Talk will be hosted by two speakers -- pairing members of the community with artists and researchers from OFF LABEL exhibitions in order to provide a casual atmosphere in which people can exchange ideas and experiences and ideally initiate possibilities for future dialogues and collaborations.

Host Institute:
Open Space

Host Contact Person:
Yifan Wang

I Kyu Noodles → more info

Monday, 24 October to Wednesday, 2 November, 2011

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