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Last update: November 07, 2011, at 04:31 AM

UN-CONFERENCE: Nine Levels of Conversation (Lunch Time Talks)

Host Institute:
Chiinese Student & Scholar Association, Victoria BC

Host Contact Person:
Yifan Wang & Cui Xuantianyihe

I Kyu Noodles → more info

Wednesday, 26 October to Wednesday, 02 November, 2011, 13:00-14:00

Nine Levels of Conversation

Nine Levels of Conversation is a structured forum for informal discussion related to the OFF LABEL festival -- bringing community interest and expertise to the dialogue in an attempt to integrate and expand possibilities for collaboration and conversation. Each Lunch Box Talk will be hosted by two speakers -- pairing members of the community with artists and researchers from OFF LABEL exhibitions in order to provide a casual atmosphere in which people can exchange ideas and experiences and ideally initiate possibilities for future dialogues and collaborations. Based on the "un-conference" model of discussion, these sessions are participant driven, bringing local interests and reactions to the lunchtime table in order to complement, criticize or critique the perspectives offered by the festival itself.

Call for participation

We invite expressions of interest from the Victoria (and surrounding) community by people willing to host a lunchtime discussion. Submissions should include a brief statement responding to the general theme of OFF LABEL and a description of the conversation you would like to see occur. Selected participants will be asked to offer a short (5-10 minute) opening statement at the lunchtime talk, after which groups will form to discuss more informally the ideas related to the thematic of the day. At the end of the lunch break attendees will reconvene for a larger discussion in which central insights or propositions can be offered to the group.

→ See Festival Overview for dates

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