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Nine Levels between Heaven and Earth

Host Institute:
I Kyu Noodles → more info

I Kyu Noodles → more info

Wednesday 26 October to 2 November 2011, 12:00 to 14:00 Daily

About the Project

The first Chinese manned flight program culminated first in Yang Liwei's successful flight aboard the Shenzhou 5 on October 15, 2003, which carried him in orbit for 21 hours and this achievement made China the third country to independently send humans into space. The title of the project quotes the title of Yang Liwei's book "Nine Levels between Heaven and Earth" and the concept of the project is much inspired by the detailed information on Chinese food presented in that book. The project therefore focuses on eating of food in space and how this is focuses on one of the important reasons for carrying out any space program, which is as to quote Qi Faren "to enable humans to work normally in space."

As a public art project, "Nine Levels to The Moon" integrates the local Chinese community in that a neighbourhood restaurant has been arranged to provide a special "Chinese Space/Food" experience. Guests are offered a lunch box and can lounge in the specially prepared room, in which the tables of the restaurant are covered with table cloths, which map the moon's surface to the dimesion of the restaurant as seen from the perspective of a space traveller. Each meal is equipped with DYI chopsticks that blink like twinkling stars. Food can be enjoyed by the public within the setting of installation, which celebrates the Chinese conquest in space and at the same time gives the impression of a communal "picnic" in outer space.

This project celebrates China's entry into manned space flight and attempts to recreate for the viewer a sense of wonderment for not only space but also for Chinese culture in general. Each day between 12 noon and 2 pm, a selected host from the Chinese community will accompany the lunch menu, offering discussion on a variety of topics.

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