Off Label Project: The Hidden Room

"The Hidden Room"

Marie-France Bojanowski

Host Institute:
Open Space

Contact Person:
Doug Jarvis

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Wednesday 26 October to 2 November 2011, 12:00 to 14:00 Daily

About the Exhibition

The Hidden Room explores the concept of “cerebral scenography” in the context of an immersive visual storytelling experience involving neurofeedback interaction with EEG sensors, including amplified perception of spatiality and sudden “change of location” enabled by the individual him or herself.

Wearing a system with EEG sensors and an integrated electronic compass to look at and navigate within panorama images - the “Virtual Panorama” and QBIC Belt Integrated Computer - the user strolls through a virtual labyrinth containing doors that he/ she finds and activates with the mind in order to cross to the other side. Specific visual stimuli generate specific brainwaves, enabling the user to choose which door to open and where to go.

The Hidden Room speaks of possible worlds. It evokes the Unconscious and the reversed order of things, also inspiring a “narrative“ grid where one has to find a door leading to a room hidden in one’s own spatiality. This door is a metaphor for the openings in our own mind leading us to our own inner spaces. Investigating the feedback loop between the mind and various immersive environments, I aim to evoke the dream feeling of having a conversation with the self through the encounter of situations and emotions.

Marie-France Bojanowski

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