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Last update: October 18, 2011, at 01:49 AM

OFF LABEL Festival Events

Location: Various (See individual events)

Festival Times: Monday, 24 October to Wednesday, 02 November, 2011

“Laptop Circle Jerk“ → more
The title of the event "Laptop Circle Jerk" makes strong references to the ideologies of action painting, punk cultural and sexual ritual and links to the festival’s motto "No Drugs, No Sex, No Rock 'n Roll, Just Computer Science?". By having an open call for performers, the event hopes to nurture a certain anarchistic freedom with which a certain “rough around the edges” approach to participation can be achieved.

“Electro Shambles" → more
A programe of diverse events with performative character that embrace such themse as electro shamanism, virtual performance, real and virtual mash up and more.

“G++ Media Gallery Launch" → more
In a nutshell, G++ Media Gallery is a window-front gallery that focuses on interactive media. The launch is part of the Digital Art Weeks 2011: Off Label Festival and the opening will be an opportunity for local media arts organizations and galleries to network with an international group of multimedia artists and theorists.

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