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Last update: October 26, 2011, at 10:40 PM

"Laptop Circle Jerk"

a group laptop performance project with open call for participation

Performers: Open Call

Host: Robin Davies

Place: Open Space→ more info

Dates: Saturday, 29 Octoberstarting at 21:00

About the project:

This project introduces local laptap talent into the arts scene in proper context to the key issues of the OFF LABLE Festival. The title of the event "Laptop Circle Jerk" makes strong references to the ideologies of action painting, punk cultural and sexual ritual and links in a provacotive way to the festival’s motto "No Drugs, No Sex, No Rock 'n Roll, Just Computer Science?". The event’s title is also evocative of the vintage punk band "The Circle Jerks", who were known for the cultivation of "punk" aesthetic. By poking at concepts taken from sub culture into the laptop arena and by having an open call for performers, the event hopes to nurture a certain anarchistic freedom with which a certain “rough around the edges” approach to participation can be achieved. A certain artistic metaphor is created by having the enemble of laptop players form of a circle, which humorously mimics the sexual ritual as well as the method that Jackson Polack used to create paintings: walking around a floor placed canvas and splashing, jerking and dripping paint on to it.

OPEN CALL: Circle Jerk Laptop Ensemble

Are you a lap-toper looking for a unique if not original and radical performance opportunioty at a good venue? The OFF LABEL Festival seeks any and all lap-topers interested in live performance in group formation for the event "Laptop Circle Jerk". Performers receive a set up table and a synch connection and one to the general audio system. Balance of content is done by sense of ensemble where playing is ad lib.

Contact: Robin Davies robindavies_at_shaw_dot_ca

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October 26, 2011, at 10:40 PM