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Total Duration: 5 Hours
Method of Transport: Mini Bus Sunday July 4th, 2010

Trip includes: Bus transport, Tickets, Lunch

Xian Academy of the Arts
Leave by Bus: 9:00 am

First Stop:
Terracotta Army
Arrive: 10:00 am / Leave: 12:00


Second Stop: (58,2 km – ca. 55 Min)
Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an
Arrive: 1:30 pm / Leave: 3:00 pm

Xian Academy of the Arts
Arrive: 3:30 pm

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The Terracotta Army was discovered in 1974 in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province by local farmers drilling a water well 1.5 miles east of Lishan Mountain. The Terracotta Army is a form of funerary art buried with the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang in 210-209 BC. Qin Shi Huang declared himself the first emperor of China in 221 BC. ("shi huang" meaning the first emperor) The purpose of the Terracotta Army was to help rule another empire with Shi Huang Di in the afterlife. The construction of this mausoleum began in 246 BC and involved 700,000 workers. The terracotta figures are life-like and life-sized. No two soldiers were to be made alike. They vary in height, uniform and hairstyle in accordance with rank. The colored lacquer finish, individual facial features, and actual weapons and armor from battle used in manufacturing these figures created a realistic appearance.Along with the Army of Soldiers, the Qin Shi Huang was buried with palaces, scenic towers, valuable utensils and "wonderful objects". There were also 100 rivers fashioned in mercury and above all this heavenly bodies which he referred to as "the features of the earth."



Price per person including transportation, museum ticket and lunch: 300 RMB

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